Lily & Co. products are handcrafted, gluten free (as labeled), paraben free and toxic free. We also have a certified 100% Organic line as well.

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26 years ago I accomplished a dream of becoming an Esthetician and began working the salon industry after many years of working in Retail Cosmetics as a Makeup Artist. I loved being an Esthetician and working with people. Little did I know that I had not fulfilled my destiny until my brother in law made a film about Human Trafficking in 2007

As he did his research for the film I found out horrifying statistics and heard stories that haunted me. Then when our family went to the Premier of the film my whole world changed. After the film I sat in my seat reflecting on what I have done with my life. I was stunned to find out there were over 27 million sex slaves in our country that are in what we now call modern day slavery. The stories of the 7 and 8 year old girls soliciting old men for sex left a pit in my stomach. I honestly did not have a clue how I could help but I knew I needed to focus on what could be done to help rescue as many as I could. I remember flying home that day writing ideas and praying, "What could I do to make a difference?"

As an Esthetician I've provided cutting edge products to all my clients. So when I felt led to start developing my own Skin Care line I thought wow this is a natural fit but it also seemed impossible. A Chemist I was not but knowledge in the industry I was full of. So I started with an Eyelash Growth Serum that helps your eyelashes grow and Lily & Co. was born.  It was a success and the rest took off from there. One by one I continue to develop products that we know someday will dominate the beauty industry.

The most rewarding part of what Lily & Co. is doing now is giving back to the sexually exploited. 25% of all profits go right into the street outreaches and ministries we partner with. We really are making a difference and are so excited for the future of this Co. I also personally belong to a street outreach that hits the streets of San Antonio to encourage and rebuild the lives of sex workers. We have success stories that are more than heartwarming, these women's lives are being restored! So please know that when you purchase our skincare and beauty products you are making a difference in a young girl's life. We also help fund projects and outreaches with the organizations below.

Thank you for taking the time to check us out and please share with a friend what you have learned and pass on our Co. so we can help many others. The next chapter of where this Co. is going is very exciting. Stay tuned and join our Twitter or Facebook to keep up with all the news! Here are some of the Orgs. that we partner with and support. Many innovative outreaches and Co.'s have been fighting this fight for years now, so come join all of us. Click on each link to find out where our funds are going.

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